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"This reference to the Scots side of her ancestry is the first of two visual explorations into Tori Amos’s diverse cultural past. As is the case for many of us, Tori’s ancestry is a mix of races and religions, philosophies and professions, fortunes and foibles. What to some may seem like a family tree grown wild and untamed is actually a mighty oak that has weathered life’s many storms and can still put out a rare and beautiful blossom like Tori."
—Kevyn Aucoin, Face Forward

“..There is an education to be found in any one line of Tori’s music. Her lyrics read like lessons in life. But her gifts range far beyond vocal and songwriting skills. As one of the most compassionate people I have ever known, she has a magical, near mystic presence that deeply affects everyone she touches. Tori’s mother’s paternal and maternal ancestors are registered on the eastern Cherokee tribal rolls and fled into the Smoky Mountains to rebel against the Trail of Tears. With Tori, it’s not hard to see the bloodlines. I’ve renamed Tori Ton’ingina (from the Omaha Tribe, Inshta’cunda clan), which translates into “new moon coming.” Tori, in you the new moon comes and the warm sun rises.”
—Kevyn Aucoin, Face Forward

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 4:03 PM
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    I find this disturbing and wrong on many levels. Not only did Tori Amos consent to “redface” makeup which has been...
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